New Book: “Two Men in One Bed: The Galilee Incident”

A A Galilee Incident Cover

Something happened to Jesus’ earliest followers that we’re beginning to put together. In the ultimate scheme of things, what happened involved very few. But these free spirits and the rule enforcers lived at a pivotal moment in history. Their experiences, actions and motives ripple around us to this day.

The evidence for the incident has been in plain sight for centuries, but we often haven’t recognized it. Some people have seen it, but weren’t able to fit it into their systems. They denied it, explained it away, and we live with and repeat these empty explanations to this day.

In this book, you will read standard historical sources, both familiar and unfamiliar. Josephus, the Talmud, and the New Testament–each voice makes a unique contribution. And the self-interest that motivated each voice still energizes us, shaping the debate to this day.

Two Men in One Bed: The Galilee Incident, by Ronald Goetz.

Available in October, 2018.

About Ron Goetz

My first wife used to say, "There's nothing so sacred that Ron won't pick it apart." My desire to be a pastor -- that was a temperamental mismatch. She was so patient. If my birth mother had lived somewhere else, maybe I would've become a cold case detective. But I would have had to be J instead of a P, I think. And that mid-life reevaluation, starting adolescence as a GARB fundamentalist and transitioning to a non-theist, that gave me an unusual skill set.
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