What is the”Pericope Eiusdem Sexus”?

The Pericope Eiusdem Sexus is a unit of four verses in Luke 17 which have a unique same-sex theme. The Same-Sex elements of Luke 17:28-29, 34-35 are as follows:

1. Lot and Sodom (vv 28-29) 

2. Two men in one bed (v 34)

3. Two women grinding together (v 35)

4) In that night (v 34)

The Pericope Eiusdem Sexus (Same-Sex Pericope) was written to bring into focus historical information already present in the Q Source.

That historical information was a record of Philip the Tetrarch’s decision allowing Jews to impose Torah on other Jews, but not allowing Jews to impose Torah on non-Jews.

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