Political Reality: The Transition to a Racial No-Majority Political Landscape

Like many people, I’m sometimes in emotional distress from the images on my cell phone and the effectively agitating tweets from the District of Columbia.

Recently I’ve been contacting old college friends from my fundamentalist alma mater Simpson University. My friends reflect the same diversity as white folks nationally, but in different proportions.

One old hall mate astonished me. He was doing a Trumpish, subtle dog whistle number preparing his friends for the coming American Armageddon of anarchy and violence.

He didn’t use such obvious language however. As he was subtly egging on the troops rhetorically, I answered 5 or 6 of his “subtle” provocations with a “subtle” reply.

“Cool heads will prevail.”

Within 48 hours of that engagement he unfriended me.

Yesterday my actual brother unfriended me and cut off my blog notifications.

Both of these (white) men have suffered serious career and life disappointments.

As far as Trump goes, he reflects the sullen, resentful immaturity of his supporters.

He embodies their frightened, petulant “it’s my bat and ball” feelings.

I am very grateful for the restraint and cool heads of the Black Lives Matter leadership as they lead us into our non-white majority future.

I’m grateful for the significant disavowal of the Confederate flag by the military and by NASCAR. They realize that “the times they are a’changing.”

I assume these forward-looking people took notes on the white South African fear of majority Black rule, and the subsequent process of settling into political reality.

In South Africa white rule came to an end, but South Africa still exists. Black parties dominate the politics of the country, but white South Africans still attend school, still own businesses, still have children and raise families.

I’m not too upset about being unfriended. I was about 15 months old when my biological mother died, and grew up as a brainy white kid in the East Oakland ghetto, so I’m used to a certain amount of emotional distance.

With the “Advent of Trump”, after considerable dismay and alarm, I realized that the American People have survived many crises.

We survived the Civil War intact. We survived the Depression intact. We survived WW II, McCarthyism and the Viet Nam War intact. In twenty years the American People will still be here, but headline news won’t look exactly the same.

We will be changed. We will not be the same. Call it a Demographic Evolution.

In 100 years we’ll all be dead. Our grandchildren will be the first generation to grow up in this new political landscape, where no race or ethnicity is the numerical majority.

The traditional majority, white Americans, will find themselves in two basic groups. One group will struggle to keep their position of dominance and control.

The other group of white Americans will work to ease the transition. I imagine that they will take will take some heat from their frightened white brethren.

At least most of them don’t have to deal with having a cousin in prison or another funeral at church for a teenager they know.

The speakers at the Black Lives Matter rally in LaMesa last Saturday were preparing the demonstrators for the transition from White majority dominance of American politics to an actual multiracial politics.

As a white Ally I was told not to negotiate with the LaMesa political establishment on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM is presently the most effective voice for political reality.

Political Reality

They will handle this themselves. I will continue to be welcome to show solidarity, but this is their struggle. They’ve been waiting in line. Now it’s their turn. They can take it from here.

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