Getting Ready for Ebola

Remember, Covid-19 is just practice for the coming Ebola pandemic. The Ebola fatality rate is 66%.

Friends, I’m a bit of a pessimist. Optimism? Well, the Ebola pandemic may not happen in my lifetime, but it might.

Just do your best for the primates you love.

None of us asked to be born, but here we are.

Other primates have undergone struggles like yours (and worse) for, what, over 25,000 years?

And there have always been primates as smart as you, as moody as you, as unappreciated as you.

Your family, your tribe, your clan–your friends–they need you. They may not understand you, or understand how they need you, but your genetic package has a reason for being passed down, generation after generation

I will probably never meet you. But thank you for all the help you are and all the unrecognized good you do.

About Ron Goetz

Husband, Father, Author
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