… and prove that I was smart

I have a brother and two sisters. When I was about ten, my youngest sister was four and my brother was five. And they used to get into sibling arguments.

Now my sister could way outtalk my brother. And she did–often. After maybe ten minutes of being out-argued by his younger sister, my brother got too frustrated and would hit her. Of course he got in trouble.

Before “use your words” was a thing, my sister used her words, and my brother wasn’t up to the challenge, and he would use the weapon he had, his slap.

I remember an argument my first wife and I had. It went for 10 or 15 minutes. Finally Diane said, “Ron, you can talk circles around me, but you know that I’m right.”

And I stopped, because she was correct. I could talk circles around her, but I knew she was right. So I stopped.

Once when I was around eleven I was feeling pretty rejected by my classmates. I remember resentfully thinking to myself, “They may not like me, but I’m smarter than all of them put together!”

As a pastor wannabe I eventually learned that just because I found a topic intricately fascinating, that didn’t mean that the congregation did, or would find my analysis helpful. If I was going to help them, I needed to actually help them, not show off and prove that I was smart.

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