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So Why Did Jesus Mention Sodom, Anyway?

That’s been a big mystery. It’s what he doesn’t say that helps us. It’s what he could’ve said but didn’t that matters, too. There’s a kind of awkwardness, I think, because we wish he had used that opportunity to make … Continue reading

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Beyond The Galilee Episode

Other primates have been working on this jigsaw puzzle for a long time. Around 2008 someone handed me an odd piece they’d found in the box lid. In all the other rooms it was in piles of red balloon pieces. … Continue reading

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Summary: The Galilee Episode

Here are some of the discoveries I cover in my book, The Galilee Episode: Two Men in One Bed, Two Women Grinding. I started my research over a decade ago, wondering if the couples in Luke 17:34-35 might be gay and … Continue reading

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The “Bethsaida Four”

The active enforcement role of the Pharisees really does slip by us. It adds another dimension to understanding Paul’s letters. We tend to glide over “and-Saul-persecuted-the-Christians” thing without envisioning it, without figuring out what he was actually doing. The new information … Continue reading

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Anti-LGBTQ Political Opportunism: Now and Before

Political Opportunism Now The passage in South Dakota of legislation targeting the LGBT community leads the way for similar endeavors in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. This is certain to energize voters as both political parties gear up for the … Continue reading

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The Galilee Episode

Yes, the historical Jesus actually mentioned gays and lesbians. And the passage in which the two couples are mentioned is fairly well-known among evangelicals, especially those who believe in the rapture. I tell you, in that night, there shall be … Continue reading

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“Irrevocable” by Max King

The Apostle Paul has fallen on hard times in some sections of the academy and the churches, and for good reason. His apparent attitudes towards women, same-sex relationships and hierarchy are just a few areas where he has been judged … Continue reading

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Cover Design: I’d Like Your Opinion

I’m choosing a typeface for the cover, and I’d like your input on some options. You can see I prefer serif fonts, but I’ve included one san serif. Some of the fonts are very similar, of course, but there are some textural differences. I know, … Continue reading

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New Book: “Two Men in One Bed: The Galilee Incident”

Something happened to Jesus’ earliest followers that we’re beginning to put together. In the ultimate scheme of things, what happened involved very few. But these free spirits and the rule enforcers lived at a pivotal moment in history. Their experiences, … Continue reading

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“When Does It Stop?” When It Stops.

Originally posted on Wrestling With God:
Today on Facebook, a friend of my uncle’s asked him, in all (apparent) seriousness: “So what, a statue comes down, that person was a racist, they don’t deserve to be memorialized. But what next?…

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