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Four Primates

Thirty thousand years ago a group of aging primates sat around a fire one night. There were three Homo Sapiens and a Neanderthal. The young ones were asleep. The area wouldn’t be called France for a long time. Three of … Continue reading

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Talmud and Gospels on Legal Entrapment

If you’re studying history, when two separate sources talk about the same thing, from different perspectives, that is worth focusing on. The Talmud and the gospels both talk about entrapment, but from different perspectives. The Talmud discusses entrapment from the … Continue reading

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Greetings Reader

I appreciate your interest in the topics here. Recently I’ve had readers from a very interesting assortment of places on the map. United States, Israel, Germany, United kingdom, Philippines, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Nigeria, New … Continue reading

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Evidence (and a little explanation) for “The Gay Jew Jesus Trial” Theory

This post includes key primary sources I use in “The Gay Jew Jesus Trial” theory. They are grouped together with headings. You might want to copy and paste the following post to your device for further study, or repost somewhere … Continue reading

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Talmud Documents used in the Jesus Trial

What I’m doing here is explaining actual courtroom evidence that I am confident refers to the person we c Jesus. Some first century documents contain major records of a trial. How do you prove a historical fact? For example, what … Continue reading

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Necessary Respect, Tolerance, and Management of Excruciating Differences

I’m still in the middle of processing what it means that the Gospels were written by actual Flavians or people retained by Flavians to write what they did. I rarely use the word conspiracy. All conspiracy is is a plan … Continue reading

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Evidence that Lesbianism was a Capital Crime in First-Century Judea

“What evidence is there that lesbianism was legally a capital crime in Jewish law?” This is a jackpot question. At the outset, let me emphasize that Jewish law includes two basic sources, not just one source. The first source is, … Continue reading

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Two Couples, Two Cities, Two Trials

Now about the two trials I mentioned., the ones in Chorazin and Bethsaida. Please remember these two trials were basically lost to history. There are details written down over here, some details are down there, there are a few details … Continue reading

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Surviving this Upheaval

I wrote this to a comrade of mine: What you said is important: “I realized at that moment that the kind of finesse and [indistinct] I normally have been known for was just not going to work anymore.” They say … Continue reading

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It’s Our Turn

I have read and enjoyed much of Bonhoeffer and SK. Both of them were inspirations for me for decades. For me, the reality of our species as mammals, as many vast herds of hairless large-brained primates with vocal boxes and … Continue reading

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