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Human Government and the Torah

I received the following feedbak to a previous post from a reader named Daniel. Here are Daniel’s comments in full. To love God and others is fulfilling the Torah. We have the Torah written in our hearts. I would call it … Continue reading

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Sin at the Center of God’s Temple

There’s a lot of talk about how Christians pick and choose which Bible verses they use and which ones they ignore.  It can be personally difficult to criticize others for picking and choosing when we realize that we do a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Humility: Exodus International Repents of the “Gay Cure” Lie

Some of the most important figures in the ex-gay movement, men and women who deeply believed in so-called reparative therapy, are realizing the futility of changing people’s sexually orientations.  Each one has been the darling of anti-homosexual Christians, each has had … Continue reading

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We’re No Longer Under the Written Code, and Here’s Why

You have a lot to gain if you can accept God’s cancellation of the Written Code.  You can experience deliverance from the dominion of sin in your life.  You can find the glorious freedom of the sons of God that Paul talks about.  You … Continue reading

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Quantitative Ratios and Your Spirituality

As a recovering fundamentalist, the centrality of the Bible will dominate my psyche until the remaining glowing synapse fires one last time, flickers, and dies. Even as I have weaned myself from slavish dependence on the Bible, I have used the Bible … Continue reading

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Cancellation of the Law: Questions and Objections

I promised to answer some questions people raised when I blogged on Paul’s Cancellation of the Law some weeks ago. If we’re radically freed from the Law and no longer bound by it, then why privilege Leviticus 19’s ‘one law … Continue reading

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All Things are Lawful: Three of Paul’s Substitutes for the Torah

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians has a clear example of his unwillingness to cite the Law when it seems natural, logical, or reasonable for him to have done so. Paul abolished the Law in his letters to the Christians in Rome, Galatia, … Continue reading

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Contradictions to Smooth Over, or a Pharmacy and a Tool Box?

An anonymous reader left the following comment on “The Law will Disappear when ‘It is finished!’” It touches on something I knew I would address eventually, and now is a good time to respond at least briefly. I just found … Continue reading

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So What Replaced the Law?

We have seen in Galatians, Romans, and Colossians that Paul cancelled the Law in no uncertain terms. When I have brought up the cancellation of the Law, someone always asks, “Oh, so now you can do anything you want? Everything is okay? Adultery … Continue reading

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Clobber Passage: Abominations–and the Death Penalty

In this refutation of the Clobber Passages, I can’t move away from Leviticus without at least mentioning the issue of what the Torah calls “abominations.”  God is recorded as having called a number of things abominations—mainly different kinds of food.  For example, God … Continue reading

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