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“Irrevocable” by Max King

The Apostle Paul has fallen on hard times in some sections of the academy and the churches, and for good reason. His apparent attitudes towards women, same-sex relationships and hierarchy are just a few areas where he has been judged … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit? A Sly and Cheeky One She is!

C. Baxter Kruger’s newest book, Patmos, is currently being widely reviewed. Its ostensible theme is radical mysticism, the union of humanity with God, contained in the oft-repeated slogan, “Separation or Union.” For many people the notion of humanity’s union with God, … Continue reading

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Spoiler Alert: “Blood Doctrine” — An Unpromising First Novel

Blood Doctrine Just Doesn’t Deliver as a Novel I really regret having to pan a writer’s first novel. I know how much hard work and hope goe into a first novel. While Christian Piatt’s Blood Doctrine has relatively plausible fictional premises, … Continue reading

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An Evangelical Alternative to Christofascism: a Review of “A New Evangelical Manifesto”

A New Evangelical Manifesto When I first perused A New Evangelical Manifesto, I was more than a bit dubious. The fact that there was barely a mention of LGBT issues, let alone a chapter, had me conjuring all sorts of suspicions. … Continue reading

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Review: “Cross Roads” by Wm. Paul Young

I confess I had misgivings about reading Wm. Paul Young’s Cross Roads this week. I avoided his best-seller, The Shack, when everyone in my congregation was reading it and my wife was telling me how good it was. But she’s used … Continue reading

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Mel White’s “Holy Terror”

This year marks the re-release of Holy Terror: Lies the Christian Right tells us to Deny Gay Equality (Magnus Books, 2012). It was originally published in 2006 under the title Religion Gone Bad. Reading Holy Terror has been one of those … Continue reading

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