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“Boil it All Down” and You may be Disappointed

Thinking and judging are connected, but it is not a strictly causal relationship. There are some very bright people for whom judging a situation or a person is the go-to response. On the other hand, there are some equally bright people for whom … Continue reading

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Weary of Shallow, Sloppy Interpretations?

I received a reply from Alex Haiken, with whom I’ve been having a lively exchange for the last several weeks. I want to excerpt one paragraph from one of the last things he wrote me. As you yourself have here admitted … Continue reading

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Brotherly Friction–Organizational Crucifixion

My brother Noel recently expressed his concern for me. Tread lightly if befriending those who will agree with you, based only on their need to be comforted and befriended, versus a true hunger for the truth of the gospel. This … Continue reading

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The Author of a Major N.T. Epistle was a Woman

Priscilla wrote the N.T. Epistle to the Hebrews It will probably surprise some of you to learn that many Bible scholars believe that a New Testament woman named Priscilla wrote the book of Hebrews.  No, this is not a news flash.  The argument for Priscilla’s authorship … Continue reading

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“The Bible is Misogynist from Cover to Cover.” Well, not quite.

A new blog, A Flock of Crows, was recently a WordPress “Featured Blog” with a post titled, Mind the Gap: I’m Gay and Christian.  The blogger is a sixteen year old lesbian who is in the closet, and an excellent … Continue reading

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Rigid Church People Who Drive You Nuts: SJs and Sixes

When I was a young person, I sat under Pastor Conrad, a fundamentalist preacher in the GARB (General Association of Regular Baptists). I remember thinking to myself, “We’re both Christians, we both speak English, but sometimes it seems like we’re from different … Continue reading

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Four Days among Southern Baptists: A Lesson in Diversity

Thursday I’ve spent the last few days on a Southern Baptist site, interacting with a pastor named Chris who was asking for advice about how to pursue his campaign to pass “marriage protection” legislation yet be viewed as compassionate, and not a bigot.  … Continue reading

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Diversity and Conflict, Spiritual Gifts, and Homosexuality

I have puzzled over conflict in the Body of Christ since I was in high school.  Love is supposed to guide and rule us, yet when I encounter hostile rhetoric I am sometimes tempted to jump in and “do battle.” For the last several … Continue reading

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