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Weary of Shallow, Sloppy Interpretations?

I received a reply from Alex Haiken, with whom I’ve been having a lively exchange for the last several weeks. I want to excerpt one paragraph from one of the last things he wrote me. As you yourself have here admitted … Continue reading

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What is Homophobia — Really?

A blogger in the U.K recently published a post titled, Is There a Cure for Homophobia?  I’ve given a lot of thought to heated anti-gay rhetoric, to what many call “homophobia.” My wife and I have wondered aloud, and often, “Where does all that heat come … Continue reading

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The Success of James Dobson’s Call for “Moral Outrage”

James Dobson’s call for “Moral Outrage” In his newsletter, “Homosexuals in Hollywood,” Dr. James Dobson lamented “the lack of moral outrage” among politicians and pastors in response to society’s increasing acceptance of gays and lesbians.  He attributed the alleged cowardice of church … Continue reading

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Astonishing Parallels: Nazi Rhetoric and James Dobson

I have been deeply concerned about the inflammatory rhetoric about the civil rights of gays and lesbians.  As an example, I was deeply disturbed by the rhetoric of Dr. James Dobson earlier this year when he gave his imprimatur for then-presidential … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Civilization: Dobson, Ley, and Goebbels

I have been astonished by the striking similarities between Nazi propaganda and the rhetoric of Dr. James Dobson.  Several years ago I found a website, the German Propaganda Archive, where Professor Randall Bytwerk of Calvin College publishes his translations of Nazi and … Continue reading

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James Dobson, Enough of Your unBiblical Propaganda — Hebrew Marriage Practiced with God’s Blessing and Provision

Dr. James Dobson recently announced his choice of a fundamentalist candidate for president. His endorsement prompted me to pull up some old files. In a 1998 newsletter, “The Christian Response to the Homosexual Agenda,” he wrote: To change the definition of marriage from the exclusive union between … Continue reading

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Christian Lesbian Shares Her Coming Out Story

I met Monique a little over four years ago. Knowing her has been one of the great blessings of my life. I have only known a handful of people who radiate the love of Christ the way she does. When … Continue reading

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One Anti-Homosexual United Methodist Pastor

Recently the Rev. Dr. Frankie L. Perdue, a United Methodist pastor in the Virginia Annual Conference, posted a reply on the Gays and Lesbians in Luke page.  At the time I puzzled over how or even whether to respond, and decided not to reply.  I thought … Continue reading

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The Stonewall Uprising and the Evangelical Right: 1969 to 1984

The contemporary gay rights movement began forty-two years ago in Greenwich Village with the watershed event know as the Stonewall Uprising (1969). The spontaneous Stonewall refusal to accept society’s unrelenting harassment and humiliation of gays and lesbians opened a new chapter in the U.S. Civil … Continue reading

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