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Greetings Reader

I appreciate your interest in the topics here. Recently I’ve had readers from a very interesting assortment of places on the map. United States, Israel, Germany, United kingdom, Philippines, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Nigeria, New … Continue reading

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Brotherly Friction–Organizational Crucifixion

My brother Noel recently expressed his concern for me. Tread lightly if befriending those who will agree with you, based only on their need to be comforted and befriended, versus a true hunger for the truth of the gospel. This … Continue reading

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Introductions and Sharing

I’d like us to introduce ourselves–let one another know who we are and what we’re about. Below are some possible places to begin your comments. This is something different for us here, although I’ve seen it a lot of other … Continue reading

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BJU Survivors: Creating New Families, Showing New Solidarity

Mari Elise Duvall, a survivor of Bob Jones University and a member of BJUnity, is a friend on Facebook. She posted a brief, heartfelt message recently about her reaction to the FB page, “Wipe Out Homophobia.”  I asked her if she would write … Continue reading

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Dear Professor Smith

Some time back I was attacked on another website.  As many of you know, I’m quite used to that, but this time it felt different.  After pondering the “criticism,” and doing a little research, I’m ready to respond.  For privacy concerns, I’m using the name “Prof. Debra Smith” to … Continue reading

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What Every Good Parent Should Want for their Child

Some time back a FB friend named Zoë suggested several blog topics to me that really resonated. I’m going to start with her first suggestion, “What should every good parent want for their child?” In some ways that’s a simple question, in other ways complex. I’m … Continue reading

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