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“Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth”

Just in, a joke from xnlover–just had to share it with you. One Sunday after church, a little girl asked her fundamentalist grandmother a question about the sermon. “Grandma, you know how, when they die, bad people go where there’s … Continue reading

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The Great Minds

Once upon a time there was a Land with Many Great Minds. They devoted themselves to a Huge Book, which had been written and edited by Hundreds of People over thousands of years. The Huge Book The Huge Book told how those hundreds of … Continue reading

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“God hates your laughter, too, dearest. It’s not just me.”

Once upon a time there was a newly wedded couple. The husband was happy with his bride and loved her very much. She was beautiful, modest, and smart. She spoke well, and–being deeply in love–she delighted in making her husband happy. There … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Circuit Rider and the Widow

Once upon a time, just after the Great War, a Circuit Rider in West Virginia visited a woman he found ill in bed. Her four sons had all died in the mines in the last four years.  And then word came that her … Continue reading

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The Devoted Wife

Once upon a time, many years ago, a man and a woman were married. They lived together happily until one day the man had to go on a long trip.  They loved one another very much, and the husband made a promise to his … Continue reading

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The Hermit Crab

Once upon a time there was a tiny hermit crab who found a tiny shell for a home. When she grew too big for her tiny shell, she looked for a slightly larger shell. This happened many times, until one … Continue reading

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