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Who We Really Are: One Flesh with Christ

  The Simplest, Clearest Sign Post There are quite a few verses and passages that describe the Church’s complete union with Christ and the Father. It is amazing to me that despite the wealth of metaphors and direct teaching, this … Continue reading

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Who We Really Are: Perfectly One in the Father and the Son

Simple as A B C One notable feature of John’s writings is his use of equivalencies, of simple logical strands like A=B, A=C, B=C.  Or you might find A=B, but -A ≠ B. These equations are virtually mathematical in their … Continue reading

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You Can’t Quote Genesis to Prove that God Rejects Homosexual Couples

The debunking of the Clobber Passages has been so effective that anti-homosexual campaigners had to search for more Bible bullets to use against their opponents. Their most recent addition to their arsenal has been the creation of Adam and Eve, … Continue reading

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What is Homophobia — Really?

A blogger in the U.K recently published a post titled, Is There a Cure for Homophobia?  I’ve given a lot of thought to heated anti-gay rhetoric, to what many call “homophobia.” My wife and I have wondered aloud, and often, “Where does all that heat come … Continue reading

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