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God Bless You and Your Ministry, Pastor Berman

Pastor Berman, I want to thank you for your comment on the “Who is Ronald Goetz?” page. I took the initiative to check out your Christian Life Fellowship website. Your congregation has an vibrant ministry to multiple age groups, a ministry that I’m … Continue reading

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Ex-Southern Baptist Pastor Ted Hayes–80 Years Old and Still Speaking His Mind

I received this from Dr. Ted Hayes, a retired Southern Baptist pastor living in Kingston, New York, a few days ago ( 2012/08/06).  Thanks for sharing this, Pastor Hayes. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading

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“It’s the ‘Homosexual Lifestyle’ We Hate”

One of my FB friends objected to the title of my last post, “One Anti-Homosexual United Methodist Pastor,” saying that disagreeing with people’s lifestyle doesn’t mean you are against them personally. Politically charged headline–divisive and untrue. Because someone doesn’t agree … Continue reading

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One Anti-Homosexual United Methodist Pastor

Recently the Rev. Dr. Frankie L. Perdue, a United Methodist pastor in the Virginia Annual Conference, posted a reply on the Gays and Lesbians in Luke page.  At the time I puzzled over how or even whether to respond, and decided not to reply.  I thought … Continue reading

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A Seminarian’s Rage

In 1978 Dick Jefferson was pastor of Temple Baptist Church, located on 19th Avenue in San Francisco. I had heard about him at Simpson because he had done something rather extraordinary. He had led the transition of his American Baptist … Continue reading

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Diversity and Conflict, Spiritual Gifts, and Homosexuality

I have puzzled over conflict in the Body of Christ since I was in high school.  Love is supposed to guide and rule us, yet when I encounter hostile rhetoric I am sometimes tempted to jump in and “do battle.” For the last several … Continue reading

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Contradictions to Smooth Over, or a Pharmacy and a Tool Box?

An anonymous reader left the following comment on “The Law will Disappear when ‘It is finished!’” It touches on something I knew I would address eventually, and now is a good time to respond at least briefly. I just found … Continue reading

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CTA Response: “So Where do We Begin?”

Dayton left a comment in the “Rigamarole” post, and my reply grew into this: Dayton, regarding your comments, 1) “there are no truly effective governance boards on a local level for lead pastors/superintendents/bishops, etc. We would need to overhaul the SPRC/Committee on … Continue reading

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Multiple Allegiances of Ordained Clergy

The professor said, “Don’t become a pastor unless that’s the only thing you can do. If you can do anything else, do that instead.” I’ve forgotten which professor it was, but I never forgot what he said. But unlike many pieces … Continue reading

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CTA Report: The Meaning of Trust

When we hear the word “trust” it’s almost automatic to feel warm and fuzzy. The word elicits feelings of safety, friendliness, and caring. It would not be unusual to talk about “trusting someone’s good intentions,” or to say, “My heart doth safely trust … Continue reading

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