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“Rapture Ready” Lee, Thank You So Much!

A “thank you” to “Rapture Ready” Lee. He sent confirmation of a thesis of mine. I am chagrined that I didn’t discover this reference myself. In the Bible, in addition to this word’s more typical meaning, the word grind also refers to … Continue reading

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Long, Long Ago

The one however being joined to the Lord one spirit is

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Come the Revolution

Come the Revolution Chorus: One fine day; Come the Revolution; When Messiah comes; Imagine no religion: One fine day. Antagonist: When hell freezes over. Protagonist: If you can’t say something nice. Chorus: “Every party needs a pooper. Ivory intellectual Heavy … Continue reading

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One Day

One Day One day, I will be dead. One day, everyone in this room will be dead. One day, everyone in this town will be dead. One day, everyone I know will be dead.  Just sayin’. Ron Goetz

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