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Growing Up Gay in the Church

A little girl is born to Christian parents. She is raised in a Nazarene church, goes to Sunday school, attends VBS in July, and youth group on Friday nights. She prays to receive Christ in her heart when she’s 5 years old, … Continue reading

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How Many Gay and Lesbian Christians are there in the U.S.?

How many gay and lesbian are there in the United States?  The 2010 census counted 308 million people living in the U.S.  At the very least, 75% of the U.S. population identifies as Christian (it’s probably closer to 80%), which comes to roughly 231 … Continue reading

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About Christians, Bigotry, and Homosexual Marriage: Dear Sheree

I received a comment from a reader named Sheree on Sunday.  She discusses some important topics, and I want to give her as full a reply as possible. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading

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Dear Professor Smith

Some time back I was attacked on another website.  As many of you know, I’m quite used to that, but this time it felt different.  After pondering the “criticism,” and doing a little research, I’m ready to respond.  For privacy concerns, I’m using the name “Prof. Debra Smith” to … Continue reading

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Humility: Exodus International Repents of the “Gay Cure” Lie

Some of the most important figures in the ex-gay movement, men and women who deeply believed in so-called reparative therapy, are realizing the futility of changing people’s sexually orientations.  Each one has been the darling of anti-homosexual Christians, each has had … Continue reading

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“God hates your laughter, too, dearest. It’s not just me.”

Once upon a time there was a newly wedded couple. The husband was happy with his bride and loved her very much. She was beautiful, modest, and smart. She spoke well, and–being deeply in love–she delighted in making her husband happy. There … Continue reading

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Politics and Religion — Not so Different

Since you’re reading this, you are undoubtedly a person with strong convictions about politics and religion.  Religious and political organizations are naturally quite keen on emphasizing the differences between themselves and their opponents.  In this post I emphasize the similarities between … Continue reading

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“It’s the ‘Homosexual Lifestyle’ We Hate”

One of my FB friends objected to the title of my last post, “One Anti-Homosexual United Methodist Pastor,” saying that disagreeing with people’s lifestyle doesn’t mean you are against them personally. Politically charged headline–divisive and untrue. Because someone doesn’t agree … Continue reading

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Heresy: My First Time

It happened late one night in the early eighties, five, maybe six, years after I graduated from Simpson. I was sitting in the living room of our first apartment in San Diego. At that time I still had my small student library of Bibles, Bible commentaries, … Continue reading

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Cancellation of the Law: Questions and Objections

I promised to answer some questions people raised when I blogged on Paul’s Cancellation of the Law some weeks ago. If we’re radically freed from the Law and no longer bound by it, then why privilege Leviticus 19’s ‘one law … Continue reading

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