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So What Replaced the Law?

We have seen in Galatians, Romans, and Colossians that Paul cancelled the Law in no uncertain terms. When I have brought up the cancellation of the Law, someone always asks, “Oh, so now you can do anything you want? Everything is okay? Adultery … Continue reading

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Two Men In One Bed–two men or two people?

There is some debate over how Luke 17:34 should be translated, whether on “that night” there are “two people in one bed” or “two men in one bed.” The NIV, for example, favor the first rendering: I tell you, on that … Continue reading

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I’d like to recommend a blog to you: “ Trying God’s Patience since 1958.” Click here. The particular page to begin with is “On Gays and Christianity,” where Shore list a number of his posts.  His titles include: How Is Being Gay … Continue reading

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Clobber Passage: I Corinthians 6:9–All Blade, No Handle

Anti-homosexual Christians have a number of verses to use against gay and lesbbian Christians.  It’s interesting that some of the verses are now used less, and others have risen to take their place. I Corinthians 6:9 is one of the current favorites. Do you not … Continue reading

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The Hermit Crab

Once upon a time there was a tiny hermit crab who found a tiny shell for a home. When she grew too big for her tiny shell, she would search for a slightly larger shell to live in. This happened … Continue reading

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