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A Famous Rabbi Destroys the Gay and Lesbian Q Community

What follows is a summary of my conclusions regarding (1) the presence of a large percentage of gays and lesbians among some of Jesus’ very first followers (the Q community), (2) the highly political and violent nature of the rabbis … Continue reading

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The Gay Theme of the Q Source

There is a definite gay theme in the Q Source, or the Gospel of Q. Before we discuss the violent persecution of the Q community, and the individual behind that persecution, it is necessary to establish the historical grounds for … Continue reading

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Introduction to a Cover-Up, the Q Source, and the Q Notebook

Jesus had gay and lesbian followers. The fact of their following was obscured, however, by events and decisions very similar to things we experience today. The discomfort and irritation experienced by many religious people today regarding gay and lesbian believers … Continue reading

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The First Gay Christians and How they Disappeared

Introduction This is the first post in a series exploring the presence of gays and lesbians in the Q community, and the dispersal and destruction of that community in a campaign against its perceived apostasy and heresy. I welcome your … Continue reading

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