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True Religion Does Not Demand that You Believe in Heaven and Hell

True religion does not require you to believe in heaven and hell. This comes on good authority, if you need it–the Bible. Writing around the time of Alexander the Great, long after the Babylonian Captivity and around the time of … Continue reading

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Sam Deetz: the Wrath of God, Community Rejection, and Sam’s Lingering Anger

The wrath of God! I grew up afraid of it. My father was the pastor. As I grew from a little boy into a young man, we moved every few years, from one pastorate to another. I listened to the … Continue reading

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The Author of a Major N.T. Epistle was a Woman

Priscilla wrote the N.T. Epistle to the Hebrews It will probably surprise some of you to learn that many Bible scholars believe that a New Testament woman named Priscilla wrote the book of Hebrews.  No, this is not a news flash.  The argument for Priscilla’s authorship … Continue reading

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The “Clarity” of I Cor. 6:9, the “Choice” of Homosexuality, “Abominations” Forever

A reader called “theologyarchaeology” commented to the note from Rick James with the following short reply. The problem for Rick James is 1 Cor. 6:9 clearly states that the homosexual will not see the kingdom of God.  No God did not … Continue reading

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Growing Up Gay in the Church

A little girl is born to Christian parents. She is raised in a Nazarene church, goes to Sunday school, attends VBS in July, and youth group on Friday nights. She prays to receive Christ in her heart when she’s 5 years old, … Continue reading

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The Great Minds

Once upon a time there was a Land with Many Great Minds. They devoted themselves to a Huge Book, which had been written and edited by Hundreds of People over thousands of years. The Huge Book The Huge Book told how those hundreds of … Continue reading

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“It’s the ‘Homosexual Lifestyle’ We Hate”

One of my FB friends objected to the title of my last post, “One Anti-Homosexual United Methodist Pastor,” saying that disagreeing with people’s lifestyle doesn’t mean you are against them personally. Politically charged headline–divisive and untrue. Because someone doesn’t agree … Continue reading

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Look Again: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

There’s a favorite verse of many preachers, and the verse is quoted perhaps more often than any other (a key verse in some of their personal canons). Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto … Continue reading

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Clobber Passage: Romans 1:26-27

Romans 1:26-27 is one of the most popular Clobber Passages ever. I’m sure many of you have received emails with the verses pasted in, as though you had never read them before. Sometimes fourteen verses are pasted in, verses 18-32. People apparently think … Continue reading

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Bride of Christ, Imago Dei, Perfect Unity

A Journey to Metaphorland When we meditate on the unsurveyable, untrackable riches of Christ, we need to remember that these riches are expressed mainly, if not completely, in metaphor. The Greek scriptures contain a wealth of metaphors, in the gospels, … Continue reading

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