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My Sister, Bible College, and Deprivileging Theology

My sister was born with brain damage. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.  The doctors waited 24 hours before deciding to perform an emergency C-section. This was fifty-two years ago, before the great advances in fetal monitoring and the massive … Continue reading

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Everyone Knows God? Even Atheists?

There is one statement in Jeremiah’s prophecy of the new covenant that is probably the toughest one to swallow. “No longer will they teach one another, or say to each other, ‘Know the LORD,’ because they will all know me, … Continue reading

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The Biggest Lie in Our Bible

There is a lie in our Bible. The lie consists of a deceptive label, a traditional label that contradicts the key feature of the new covenant described by Jeremiah the prophet in a relatively obscure but significant prophecy. The Lying Label: “New Testament” Calling “New Testament” a lying label may seem … Continue reading

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Heresy: My First Time

It happened late one night in the early eighties, five, maybe six, years after I graduated from Simpson. I was sitting in the living room of our first apartment in San Diego. At that time I still had my small student library of Bibles, Bible commentaries, … Continue reading

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Hebrew “Grind” Discussion Continued

Some time ago R.J. Walker disagreed with what I said were three examples of “grind” used as a sexual metaphor in the Hebrew scriptures (Job 31:9-10; Judges 16:20-21; Lamentations 5:13). I want to apologize for not responding sooner. (If you are new to this … Continue reading

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Gospel Fragment Discovery: Jesus and the Scribe

Researchers reported the discovery of a gospel fragment in a remote Southern California seminary that promises to “revolutionize our understanding of the historical Jesus,” according to an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Emergent Literature. The fragment was discovered on a lavender sticky note … Continue reading

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Diversity and Conflict, Spiritual Gifts, and Homosexuality

I have puzzled over conflict in the Body of Christ since I was in high school.  Love is supposed to guide and rule us, yet when I encounter hostile rhetoric I am sometimes tempted to jump in and “do battle.” For the last several … Continue reading

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Jesus: Concrete Talk about Gays and Lesbians, not Abstract Labels

As you know, most people believe that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Whether they believe that homosexuality is a sin worthy of hell or they believe that homosexuality is not a sin, they agree that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Actually, Jesus … Continue reading

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Religionless Christianity

I became acquainted with the life and works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer at Simpson College. Bonhoeffer was the German Lutheran pastor who took part in a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Born in 1906, he was 27 years old when Hitler ascended to power in 1933. In … Continue reading

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Cancellation of the Law: Questions and Objections

I promised to answer some questions people raised when I blogged on Paul’s Cancellation of the Law some weeks ago. If we’re radically freed from the Law and no longer bound by it, then why privilege Leviticus 19’s ‘one law … Continue reading

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