People Leaving the UMC

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6 Responses to People Leaving the UMC

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  2. One must be present to take a stand. One must be present to build coalitions. One must do these things with a degree of neutrality to represent Christ.


  3. Enough is Enough says:

    Namaste, no. One ought not become complicit in one’s own oppression. Remaining with the denomination means supporting discrimination, period. If ever gay, bi, lesbian and transgendered person, and all LGBT allies, left the church tomorrow, with all of their volunteer hours, and all of their weekly contributions to collection, then the denomination may see what it has thrown away.

    For forty years – ten general conferences, every general conference since Stonewall, every general conference in my entire lifetime – the UMC has opted to continue to condemn some people for whom God made them to love. /THAT/ is incompatable with Christ’s teaching. We have done our best, but the UMC has made it plain for the tenth time that they do not wish to reconsider. So it is time for us to leave.

    There are plenty of Christian denominations where we are actually welcome. I say it is time to move on to those, and let the UMC go its own way.


  4. Kenton McGraw says:

    It is time for the UMC to review the Bible in today’s social world, come to grips with the science of today, and bring the Discipline in line with the Bible in today’s World. It is time for us to understand the writers and redactors wrote for the improvement of the social world of Jesus’ time. Love holds true in infinity and that is the core message of Jesus’ message. We must apply it today. A person can leave the UMC in protest or stay in the UMC still not support all of the articles of the Discipline but work to correct it from the inside. Otherwise it will never change and die.


    • Ron Goetz says:

      Your approach is consciously rejected by the UMC’s most conservative churches and pastors, and in their districts and regions of the country, this deliberate ignorance is successful. Their closest “competitors” are Southern Baptists. They’re compared to Southern Baptists, and usually come off poorly.

      Here in San Diego county there is only one really conservative UMC, and even it is charismatic. But it is staunchly anti-gay, at least when I went there. But the bulk of the congregations are moderate to liberal, it seems to me.

      Kenton, in a nationwide bureaucracy as large as the UMC (7.7 million members), do you think we will ever see anything done on a church-wide basis that isn’t forced on us, like an economic collapse?


  5. Kenton McGraw says:

    I really doubt it. I was not aware that our Church is that Conservitive in large numbers. Although the WV Annual Conference did vote down Women’s rights on Abortion. But the majority of the ones who voted no got up and left after the vote.
    I believe God is in control and the Church will over come that segment of the membership or God will let the Church die.
    I like your explanation of “I do not hate Gays I love them.” I think “Black” can be added in place of Gays in that statement.
    I pray that God will continue to work throug people such as you and I and the Church will survive.
    God bless and keep you.


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