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Hebrew “Grind” Discussion Continued

Some time ago R.J. Walker disagreed with what I said were three examples of “grind” used as a sexual metaphor in the Hebrew scriptures (Job 31:9-10; Judges 16:20-21; Lamentations 5:13). I want to apologize for not responding sooner. (If you are new to this … Continue reading

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The Hermit Crab

Once upon a time there was a tiny hermit crab who found a tiny shell for a home. When she grew too big for her tiny shell, she looked for a slightly larger shell. This happened many times, until one … Continue reading

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Activism: My Dad’s Legacy to Me

My dad’s life was hard, from beginning to end. He was born in Buffalo, NY, when his father was 60.  Orphaned at 12, he was raised by his adult siblings–raised, and suffered beatings by an older brother. At some point he was sent to military … Continue reading

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Christians and Our Immigrant Neighbors

Early on in their history the Jews were commanded, in the book of Leviticus, to love their neighbors. What is especially significant is that the neighbors they were commanded to love were the immigrants that lived in their cities and towns. The context of Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Zeus & Ganymede Logos Side-by-Side in Q Apocalypse

In response to a commenter I did some more investigating into the Q source as it relates to Jesus’ acceptance of gay and lesbian believers in Luke 17.  I discovered something very interesting. As I have described elsewhere, the Q … Continue reading

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Job and his Bible-Believing Friends

On another site someone was studying Job and had some understandable questions about Job and his “So-Called Friends.” If you’re not familiar with the story of Job, it goes like this. Job is a godly man. Satan (one of the “sons … Continue reading

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So What Replaced the Law?

We have seen in Galatians, Romans, and Colossians that Paul cancelled the Law in no uncertain terms. When I have brought up the cancellation of the Law, someone always asks, “Oh, so now you can do anything you want? Everything is okay? Adultery … Continue reading

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