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The Guilty Species

Christendom did not invent irrational guilt. I have my ideas about it’s evolutionary survival value, but we are “the guilty species.” Every successful ideology has embedded within it some element of guilt. Any elements of “what we owe to our … Continue reading

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Wasted Years: Shame, Guilt or Regret?

Word choice. Choosing between shame (which is exceedingly intense) and guilt (which depending on the “crime” could result in the death penalty) I think regret is often a better choice to describe feelings about ourselves. Regret can be deep, but … Continue reading

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“Every Member a Soul-Winner”

My brother Noel is encouraging me to be an evangelist. He believes that all Christians should be evangelizing, and he reminded me about how, when I came home from college for a holiday, I led him to the Lord when he … Continue reading

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