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Weary of Shallow, Sloppy Interpretations?

I received a reply from Alex Haiken, with whom I’ve been having a lively exchange for the last several weeks. I want to excerpt one paragraph from one of the last things he wrote me. As you yourself have here admitted … Continue reading

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Two Men In One Bed–two men or two people?

There is some debate over how Luke 17:34 should be translated, whether on “that night” there are “two people in one bed” or “two men in one bed.” The NIV, for example, favor the first rendering: I tell you, on that … Continue reading

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The Anti-Homosexual “Clobber Passages”

The standard biblical case against homosexuality is based on a collection of verses which some people call the “Clobber Passages.” These verses and passages are found mainly in Leviticus and Romans, and in Paul’s famous “sin lists.” I’ve heard and read some of these refutations of the Clobber … Continue reading

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