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The Role of Three Primate Instincts in Human Affairs

Christians, like all other primates, are born with a multitude of instincts, which come in various strengths. These include the instincts for hierarchy, justice, and order. The instinct for hierarchy, evidenced by our phrase “pecking order”, puts alpha primates in … Continue reading

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New Testament Teachings on Teachers

The Bible is multivocal, a library of books by different authors, each of whom was inspired by the Spirit of God.  An important example of multivocality of the Greek scriptures is the topic of teachers. How we understand “teachers” is intimately bound up with the ecclesiastical … Continue reading

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UMC Call to Action: Two Separate Reports, Two Separate Goals

The goal of the CTA-sponsored Apex Report is not revival. The goal of the Apex Report is the power to eliminate underperforming assets (clergy, church property, and agencies). The Call to Action is not a single document, but combines two … Continue reading

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