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Sell Your Possessions

It’s really quite simple. Let’s start with what Jesus said to his serious followers. Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Sounds pretty clear to me. And fulfilling the Great Commission includes sharing this command with one another, with the unconverted, with every creature. Sell your possessions and … Continue reading

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Gospel Fragment Discovery: Jesus and the Scribe

Researchers reported the discovery of a gospel fragment in a remote Southern California seminary that promises to “revolutionize our understanding of the historical Jesus,” according to an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Emergent Literature. The fragment was discovered on a lavender sticky note … Continue reading

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The Bed in Luke and Leviticus

Thanks to AB’s comment, I found something surprising about the relationship between Luke’s “two men in one bed” and the phrase in Leviticus about a man laying “with a man as with a woman.” In Leviticus 18 and 20, what is translated as “as with a … Continue reading

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Jesus: Concrete Talk about Gays and Lesbians, not Abstract Labels

As you know, most people believe that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Whether they believe that homosexuality is a sin worthy of hell or they believe that homosexuality is not a sin, they agree that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. Actually, Jesus … Continue reading

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Christians and Our Immigrant Neighbors

Early on in their history the Jews were commanded, in the book of Leviticus, to love their neighbors. What is especially significant is that the neighbors they were commanded to love were the immigrants that lived in their cities and towns. The context of Jesus’ … Continue reading

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New Testament Teachings on Teachers

The Bible is multivocal, a library of books by different authors, each of whom was inspired by the Spirit of God.  An important example of multivocality of the Greek scriptures is the topic of teachers. How we understand “teachers” is intimately bound up with the ecclesiastical … Continue reading

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The Law will Disappear when “It is finished!”

In the debate over the Law, people get caught in a back-and-forth between Jesus and Paul. Jesus is quoted on behalf of the Law, and Paul on behalf of its cancellation. As the argument continues, various issues are brought up: … Continue reading

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Two Men In One Bed–two men or two people?

There is some debate over how Luke 17:34 should be translated, whether on “that night” there are “two people in one bed” or “two men in one bed.” The NIV, for example, favor the first rendering: I tell you, on that … Continue reading

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Gays & Lesbians in Luke, and the Q Apocalypse

In Luke’s Gay Apocalypse (Luke 17:22-37) there are eight verses that have nothing to do with the gay theme. I knew I needed to account for their presence in the text, and consider the alternative interpretations they offered. But my inquiry into Q, to see … Continue reading

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