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Luke’s Gay Apocalypse: Two Lesbians without a Mill

In a comment on a previous post, my Methodist friend John Meunier commented that Matthew 24 makes a stronger agricultural connection with “grind” than Luke 17. And he’s absolutely correct. Whereas Luke has two women “grinding,” Matthew has two women “grinding at the mill.” Here are the two verses: … Continue reading

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Luke’s Gay Apocalypse: “Two Women Grinding Together,” pt. 1

Luke’s same-sex couples appear in Jesus’ discussion of a final separation which is often called the rapture. This is a separation of people who are acceptable to God and those who are not. As I said previously, whether or not you … Continue reading

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Luke’s Gay Apocalypse: “Two Men in One Bed”

Whether or not you believe in the rapture, and whether or not you even believe the Bible, there is nevertheless something very significant for gays and lesbians that is located smack-dab-in-the-middle of one of the main passages used to support the … Continue reading

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