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Politics and Religion — Not so Different

Since you’re reading this, you are undoubtedly a person with strong convictions about politics and religion.  Religious and political organizations are naturally quite keen on emphasizing the differences between themselves and their opponents.  In this post I emphasize the similarities between … Continue reading

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Job and his Bible-Believing Friends

On another site someone was studying Job and had some understandable questions about Job and his “So-Called Friends.” If you’re not familiar with the story of Job, it goes like this. Job is a godly man. Satan (one of the “sons … Continue reading

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Clobber Passage: Abominations–and the Death Penalty

In this refutation of the Clobber Passages, I can’t move away from Leviticus without at least mentioning the issue of what the Torah calls “abominations.”  God is recorded as having called a number of things abominations—mainly different kinds of food.  For example, God … Continue reading

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