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What’s the Difference between Individuals in Luke 17:34-35? Why were Two Seized and Two Let Go?

These two verses have puzzled both casual Bible readers and serious Bible scholars for centuries. Because of how the passage was edited and amended, we’re supposed to believe that it refers to the last judgment, ang God is the judge. … Continue reading

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What Torah Did for Us

Chimps don’t have a fallen nature. But they do nurture their young, show one another tenderness and affection, and drive out of the community members who don’t conform to group norms. That last one is a real, tribal, natural instinct. … Continue reading

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PDF of Debate Over the Law Free from Sermon Index

Debate over Paul’s Abolition of the Law A few years ago I engaged in a prolonged debate with some of the folks over at Sermon Index. One of the topics included Paul’s cancellation of the Torah. Free PDF of Debate … Continue reading

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Paul’s Eleven-Fold Cancellation of the Law

Paul’s Cancellation of the Law is important for at least two reasons. First, if we are no longer accountable to the Law, it will affect how we use it, and whether or not we subject others to the Law’s demands. Among Christians … Continue reading

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Christians and Our Immigrant Neighbors

Early on in their history the Jews were commanded, in the book of Leviticus, to love their neighbors. What is especially significant is that the neighbors they were commanded to love were the immigrants that lived in their cities and towns. The context of Jesus’ … Continue reading

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The Law will Disappear when “It is finished!”

In the debate over the Law, people get caught in a back-and-forth between Jesus and Paul. Jesus is quoted on behalf of the Law, and Paul on behalf of its cancellation. As the argument continues, various issues are brought up: … Continue reading

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